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Our Team

Andi K. Nasruddin

Andi holds an MSc in Finance and has been writing professionally for 5 years. He is also a master baker who loves his life and adventures in and out of the kitchen. He committed to bringing his passion for using kitchen appliances and cooking to masses.

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Karli Edmonson

Karli is a UK-based freelance writer who has been writing professionally and has worked as an editor for various national online magazines in the UK for a decade. Her attention to detail, combined with her experience, allows her to help people create meaningful dishes in the kitchen. Karli has a passion for sharing easy-to-digest hacks, experiences and tips with readers, and for making cooking and kitchen information more accessible to everyone. When she is not writing, Karli enjoys cultivating houseplants, walking her dogs, teaching her children to bake, and working out at the gym during her free time.

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