Guide to Apron Dimensions and Guidelines (with Drawings)

Aprons are used in a wide variety of industries and therefore need to fit a wide range of people. Here we will look at standard apron dimensions.

Apron Sizes

Apron dimensions

Most aprons come in a one-size-fits-all option. This is because aprons are tied in place, and therefore they can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of body shapes. An apron is made up of a length of material that will cover the user from above their chest, across their hips, and over their thighs. The top of the apron will have a neck strap attached to it which goes over the head and behind the neck to keep the apron in place.

Some aprons will have adjustable neck straps, while other more basic aprons will have a standard-length neck strap. The average total length of a neck strap is usually between 22 inches and 24 inches, though some aprons with adjustable straps can extend to as long as 36 inches for people who are taller or larger.

The side straps on an apron are used to tie the apron around a person’s middle body. Some straps will be long enough that they can be tied all the way around the back and around to the front, finally being secured in a bow close to the user’s navel.

Other aprons may have shorter straps that need to be tied at the back. These straps can be used to cinch in the waist of an apron, allowing the user to customize the size of the apron to their own body size. Typically each side strap on an apron will be between 30 inches and 36 inches long. This makes them long enough to fit around almost any body size.

Standard Size Aprons

Most aprons of standard size will have similar dimensions. Typically, a standard-size apron will have fabric that measures 33 inches in height and 30 inches in width. The neck strap will be 24 inches, and the side straps will be 32 inches long. This apron will fit the vast majority of people, being big enough to fit larger sizes and also being suitable for cinching in to give a comfortable fit for smaller people.

Big Size Aprons

Oversized aprons are bigger than standard aprons and can work well for taller or larger people. These aprons will typically have fabric dimensions of 40 inches in length and 37 inches in width. The neck strap will be up to 36 inches long, and each waist strap will have a length of around 43 inches. This can make for a more comfortable fit for a larger person who is going to be wearing an apron regularly.

Types of Aprons

Chef Apron

Chef aprons are typically made from a thick, waxed canvas fabric, which gives them a water-resistant property. This is to protect the chef’s clothing from stains and moisture encountered while preparing food and cooking. It can also protect them from spills or splashes from hot liquids to prevent burns.

Typically a chef’s apron will be a few inches longer than a standard apron, coming down to the knee to give the chef more coverage and protection. A chef’s apron may have one large pocket at the front, but it generally will not have lots of pockets like some other aprons, as chefs do not need to carry their equipment around with them.

Bar Apron

A bar apron is what would be worn by a bartender or someone serving drinks in a restaurant. The function of these aprons is to give the bartender a more professional look and also to give them plenty of space to store the things they need to have to hand.

As a bartender will commonly need to grab an order pad, a pen, a corkscrew, a bottle opener, straws, napkins, or a drinks menu at short notice, it makes sense for them to carry these items around with them on their person, to save time walking back and forth across a bar or restaurant and keeping customers waiting. For this reason, bar aprons will have plenty of pockets. They are usually made from a thin canvas material and often come in black or bright colors to match the bar’s branding.

Server Apron

Server aprons are one of the few types of aprons that only cover the lower body. These are also known as half-aprons because they have half of the amount of fabric as a standard apron. These do not tie around the neck or have any coverage over the upper body and instead just tie around the waist. These are used by waiting staff and servers at restaurants and usually have one large pocket or two smaller pockets for the user to carry around an order pad and a pen.

Garden Apron

A garden apron will be made from a thick waxed fabric, or in some cases, made from oilcloth to make it completely water-resistant. This type of apron is used by both professional gardeners and home gardeners to protect their clothing from dirt and soil and also to keep them dry. These aprons come in longer sizes that go past the knee, allowing the user to bend down on their knees on the ground without getting themselves mucky or wet from moist soil.

Disposable Apron

A disposable apron is one that is only used once and then put in the trash. These are made from thin plastic, similar to a garbage bag, and they are shaped like a tabard. They are worn by putting the whole apron over the head and then inserting arms through. Some disposable aprons will have straps that can be tied around the waist to create a better fit.

These aprons are most commonly used in industries where it is more hygienic to dispose of an apron rather than wash and reuse one. This includes food preparation industries and medical industries where the user needs to ensure they are sanitized, or in cleaning industries where a user does not want to bring the germs, they have encountered away from the workplace.

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