Can You Put an Air Fryer on The Countertop?

Air fryers have taken over kitchens worldwide by offering a healthier twist on our beloved fried foods. Their innovative design and easy-to-use functionality make them a must-have in modern homes. By circulating hot air around the food, these gadgets can achieve crispy results with less oil. The only problem is they’re not exactly kitchen-countertop-friendly.

Air fryers can potentially damage countertops due to heat emissions. To protect your countertop, use heat-resistant mats, position the appliance away from sensitive materials, and consider elevating it with stands or trivets.

Today, we’ll learn about the dos and don’ts of air fryer placement. We’ll focus on how air fryers damage countertops, where you should put it, and how to protect your precious countertop from air-fryer-related heat damage.

Countertop Concerns with Air Fryers

Countertop Concerns with Air Fryers

The kitchen countertop is where we prep, cook, and sometimes even dance while waiting for the microwave. But, introduce an air fryer to the mix, and things can get a tad heated (pun intended).

1. Heat Emissions and Effects

Look, air fryers can run hot. Prolonged heat can singe your countertop, especially if it’s made of laminate or wood. Constant heat may cause discoloration, warping, or even cracking. Imagine getting a tan you didn’t ask for; that’s your countertop with an unguarded air fryer.

2. Spacing It Out

Air fryers love personal space. Giving your air fryer room to breathe is the key. A little distance from the wall and other appliances can go a long way. After all, nobody likes feeling cramped, not even our kitchen gadgets.

3. Risky Business with Flammable Items

Tea towels, recipe cards, and the kid’s art project from school are a few of our flammable things. Keeping them away from your air fryer is a no-brainer. Air fryers do produce heat, and while they’re not fire-breathing dragons, it’s best to play it safe.

4. Overheating Issues

Ever touched your laptop after a 4-hour Netflix binge? That’s the kind of hot an air fryer can get. Most air fryers come with a built-in overheating protection feature. If yours goes into shut-down mode, give it some chill time before the next round.

Choosing the Right Spot on the Countertop

Pop quiz: What’s trickier than finding the TV remote when you need it? Finding the perfect spot for your air fryer on the countertop. But fret not; we’ve got some tips to help you ace this kitchen challenge.

1. Close but Not Too Close to Power Outlets

An air fryer isn’t a marathon runner; it doesn’t like long sprints. So, placing it near a power outlet is smart – but watch out for water sources like sinks. Water and electricity? Not the best combo unless you’re into unexpected fireworks.

2. Steer Clear of High-Traffic Areas

Your air fryer’s not looking to join the morning coffee rush or be a part of the sandwich-making frenzy. Slot it in a low-traffic zone where it can work its magic without being nudged, bumped, or tripped over.

3. Give the Stove Some Breathing Space

Your stove and air fryer, while both culinary wizards, don’t need to be BFFs. Keep them apart, especially when the stove’s on. This isn’t about kitchen appliance jealousy; it’s about avoiding extra heat buildup. Two’s a crowd here!

4. Ventilation is Key

Your air fryer loves a good breeze. Placing it somewhere with good airflow means it can cool down faster post-cooking. It’s like giving your gadget a quick, refreshing spa moment after a heated workout.

Protecting Your Countertop

Protecting Your Countertop

Even if you find the ideal spot that’s just right, your countertop might still throw a heat-related tantrum. Some things just can’t handle the heat (looking at you, laminate!).

Materials to Skip

Some countertops are drama queens, especially when it comes to heat. Materials like laminate, wood, or certain plastics can warp, discolor, or even melt.

Heat-Resistant Mats to the Rescue

Imagine a superhero cape but for your countertop. These mats come in various styles and sizes, acting as a barrier between your air fryer and the countertop. They absorb and distribute the heat, preventing direct damage. Plus, they’re easy to clean, and some even add a dash of style to your kitchen decor.

Elevation Station

Lifting the air fryer off the countertop with a stand or trivet can be a game-changer. It’s akin to putting your gadget on a mini pedestal, where it gets to feel all royal while also allowing for better airflow. And as a bonus, these stands can save your countertop from direct heat.

A Little Distance Goes a Long Way

You don’t wear winter jackets in the summer, right? Similarly, your countertop doesn’t need all that air fryer heat. Maintaining a gap between the air fryer’s bottom and the countertop can help. This tiny act can be the difference between a happy countertop and a scorched one.

Clean-Up Crew

Grease and food particles might sneak out from your air fryer during its cooking escapades. Clean them up pronto! Leaving them on the countertop can lead to stains or even attract pests. So, post-cooking, give your countertop a quick wipe-down. It’s like brushing off crumbs after a cookie binge.


1. Can I place my air fryer under a cabinet?

Well, you could place your air fryer under a cabinet, but that doesn’t mean you should. Air fryers release hot air, which could damage or discolor the cabinet above. This can lead to peeling, warping, or even some unexpected toastiness when you reach for your coffee mugs. Best to give your air fryer its own open space.

2. What are the most heat-resistant countertop materials suitable for air fryers?

If countertops were superheroes, then granite, quartz, and soapstone would be the Justice League of heat resistance.

  • Granite: This natural stone doesn’t just look gorgeous; it laughs in the face of heat. However, not all granite is created equal, so some types might be more susceptible to damage than others.
  • Quartz: Though it’s engineered, it stands up pretty well to heat. But hey, always use a heat-resistant mat or trivet as an extra precaution because even superheroes need armor sometimes.
  • Soapstone: Dark, elegant, and pretty darn heat-proof. If Soapstone were a movie star, it’d be the cool, mysterious type that’s unfazed by the paparazzi’s flash.

But no matter how tough these materials sound, always protect them. The last thing anyone wants is dark heat stains on their precious countertops.

3. Can I use a wooden board under my air fryer?

Here’s the thing: while a wooden board might give you farmhouse vibes, using it under an air fryer can be risky. Wood is sensitive to heat, and it could warp, crack, or get those unsightly heat marks. If you’re set on using a board, pick one that’s thick and sturdy, and maybe use a heat-resistant mat between the board and the fryer for extra protection. 

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