How Big is a 7-inch Cake?

Cakes are a treat for everybody. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and frosting options that’ll make anyone drool. If you’re preparing a cake from scratch, you shouldn’t just pay special care to the ingredients that go into the dessert, but you should consider how big (or small) to make the cake.

In this short guide, I’ll help you figure out how big a 7-inch cake actually is.

7-Inch Diameter Cake

7-Inch Diameter Cake

7-inch round cakes are quite popular. They’re considered the be the middle-ground in terms of cake sizes and the number of cuts you can make.

So, whether you’re hosting a birthday party or just want a cake to serve a family of 4 (or more), a 7-inch cake mold may be exactly what you need.

How Big Is It?

A 7-inch cake mold usually measures 3 inches in height, though some manufacturers may sell taller-sized cake pans that go up to 5 inches.

So, how much batter can you place into a 7 × 3-inch round cake mold? Since some recipes may ask you to leave at least one inch from the top of the pan, we’ll have to calculate the volume of a cylinder that’s 7 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall.

To do this, simply take the radius of the cake mold (diameter ÷ 2), square it, and multiply it by pi (simplified as 3.14).

The cake batter’s overall volume will be about 3.14 × 3.52 × 2 = 76.93 cubic inches.

As you bake the cake, it should rise by at least an inch (hence, why you should fill the cake pan to leave 1 inch from the top). So, assuming everything goes right, your cake should take up 115.395 cubic inches.

Of course, this is before adding layers of frosting and toppings to the cake.

How Many People Can It Feed?

A 7-inch-wide round cake is usually prepared to feed at least four people. Bakers will commonly cut a 7-inch cake into 8 slices, making each slice about 14.42 cubic inches before frosting and toppings.

However, if you really want to squeeze more cuts out of a 7-inch cake, you can cut it 5 times to create 10 slices. This will leave a portion serving of 11.539 cubic inches, which is a decent slice for anyone on a diet.

Can You Layer a 7-inch Round Cake?

Yes, you can. Slicing a 7 × 3-inch cake in half and adding a layer of frosting in between can be a great way to add body to a cake. If you’ve ever seen a cake at a pastry shop before, then you might’ve seen how some layers are only an inch in thickness.

So, theoretically, you could split a 3-inch-thick cake into three layers. Just make sure you cut the top off to make it flat to give it a prettier look.

11 × 7-inch Rectangular Cake

11 × 7-inch Rectangular Cake

When it comes to 7-inch rectangular cakes, the most commonly used pan size measures 11 × 7 inches.

The great news is that an 11 × 7-inch cake mold will produce a much larger cake, which is better for serving large groups of people at parties and picnics. They might not look as fancy as round cakes, but hey—more cake for everyone!

How Big Is It?

Like round cake molds, an 11 × 7-inch rectangular cake pan usually measures between two and three inches in thickness. For the following example, we’ll assume that you’re using an 11 × 7 × 3-inch rectangular cake pan. And just like using a round cake pan, you’ll have to leave an inch off the top to allow the batter to rise as it bakes.

Now, how big is it? The calculation is quite simple. Just take multiple the length, width, and depth of the pan to see how much batter you can fit in it. So, an unbaked cake would take up 154 cubic inches of space (11 × 7 × 2 inches).

After the cake has fully baked and risen to the top of the pan, it should measure 11 × 7 × 3 inches. So, the overall volume of a baked cake in such a pan would be 231 cubic inches.

Again, this is before you layer or add toppings to the cake.

How Many People Can It Feed?

As I stated earlier, an 11 × 7-inch rectangular cake pan can feed a lot more mouths than a 7-inch-wide round cake.

Assuming you want to cut the cake into square-inch pieces, you can divide the cake into 77 pieces at max. Each portion would be equal to 3 cubic inches in volume. Using quick math, that means you can feed a group of 11 people 7 slices each, which is 21 cubic inches.

At most, an 11 × 7-inch cake cut into 77 pieces can feed a group of 40 people, with many of your guests coming back for seconds.

Alternatively, if you want to serve a more generous portion size to each guest, you can cut the cake into 48 pieces by cutting it 5 times lengthwise and 7 times from top to bottom. This will produce 4.8125 cubic inches of cake per piece. This many pieces can comfortably feed a group of 30 or more.

Can You Layer an 11 × 7-inch Rectangular Cake?

Technically, you can layer an 11 × 7-inch rectangular cake. The main issue is cutting the cake in half lengthwise while keeping a steady arm, which might be tricky for first-time cake makers.

Alternatively, you can cut the cake in half and layer the two pieces, making a tall cake that measures 5.5 × 7 × 6 inches (3 inches in depth multiplied by 2 for the 2 layers).


As you can see, a 7-inch round cake mold is more appropriate for smaller groups of people, such as office parties or a party for your closest friends. If you want to serve a larger group of people, an 11 × 7-inch rectangular cake mold would be the better option.

If you or anyone else you know is planning on making a 7-inch cake in the near future, make sure you share this article with them. Or if you have any other thoughts about 7-inch cakes, we’d love to read about them in the comments section.

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