How Long To Defrost Cheesecake 

If you’re looking for a delicious dessert to spice up your mealtimes, look no further. Cheesecake is the best option you have. The tastiness of this yummy side dish is when you present it in perfect condition. We all agree that cheesecake at room temperature is the best, yes?

So, what happens when we have a frosted cheesecake? How long can it be allowed to defrost before you or your visitors dig in?

If you have a frozen cheesecake, you have to make space for time. This is because you have to do a lot of waiting. Why, you may ask? Well, frozen cheesecake can be allowed to thaw in the fridge for up to 8 to 12 hours, but we suggest putting it in the refrigerator overnight to minimize the waiting time on your side.

Apart from the refrigerator, you can allow the cheesecake to melt on the counter. This will take 4 to 5 hours for it to completely defrost. But, what if I told you that you can thaw slices of your cheesecake in less than a minute? Oh yes, when placed in the microwave, your cheesecake can thaw in just 30 to 50 seconds!

Don’t worry yourself about the thawing method to use; I am about to take you on a ride that will properly guide you on how to properly thaw your cheesecakes, even the ones you got from the Cheesecake Factory. By the time you are done with this article, you’ll know the best way to defrost your cheesecake for personal or family use.

How to Defrost Your Cheesecake

Serving the ideal cheesecake that even your alter-ego will be jealous of involves making a lot of plans. It’s not for nothing that we generally prefer room-temperature cheesecakes. It’s because it’s the best temperature to serve your cheesecake.

It doesn’t matter if you made the cheesecake yourself or bought it from a specialized cheesecake firm, as long as you placed it in the freezer so that the quality will not deteriorate, your aim from then on is to provide the cheesecake with enough time to defrost so that when we present it to our guests or place it on the dining table, the freshness and quality will be there for all to see.

So, now we know that we should give our frosted cheesecake adequate time to thaw, but then how do we thaw out frozen cheesecake? How do we go about getting it ready for serving?

Well, I have 3 tested and trusted methods that you can use to defrost your cheesecake; you can put it inside the microwave, leave it on top of the counter, or use the refrigerator.

Do note that the thawing time depends on a lot of variables ranging from the density to the thickness of the cheesecake and the size.


If you intend to make the best use of your thawing time, you have to consider the size of your cheesecake. The bigger the size, the longer it will take to thaw. This simply means that slices of frozen cheesecake will thaw faster than whole cheesecakes, with their multiple layers, unequal sizes, and all.


Just so we are clear, the size of your cheesecake shouldn’t be the only variable you should consider when accounting for the amount of time you’ll allow your cheesecake to thaw.

The density and thickness of your cheesecake are important factors. The denser and thicker the cheesecake, the longer it will take to properly thaw.

Therefore, allowing your cheesecake to thaw overnight in the refrigerator, gives it enough time to thaw no matter the density, size, or thickness.

Remember our 3 tested and trusted methods of defrosting your cheesecakes? Of course, you do.

Come with me, let me show you how to apply these methods to get a defrosted cheesecake that the integrity is still intact.

Refrigerator and Overnight Method

Refrigerator and Overnight Method

If you’re planning for a party or a high function, freezing your cheesecakes earlier on and allowing them to thaw perfectly overnight in the refrigerator is a proven way of having a cake whose integrity and taste are still intact.

Allowing your cheesecake to thaw by placing it in the refrigerator overnight is generally regarded as the best method of thawing your cheesecake. Even though it might take time, normally around 8 to 12 hours, to completely thaw. It is still the safest and best thawing method.

Do note that it might take longer than 8 to 12 hours to thaw. It all depends on the density, size, or thickness of the cake.

Here are the steps to take if you’re considering the refrigerator or overnight method to defrost your cheesecakes:

  • Put your frosted cheesecake inside the refrigerator. This should be done before the day you intend to use the cheesecake.
  • You should then allow the cake to defrost for about 8 to 12 hours, but you should keep in mind that for thicker and denser cakes, more time will be needed.
  • Slice the cheesecake and serve once it defrosts.

Room temperature or Countertop Method

Leaving your cheesecakes on a countertop at room temperature will make the cheesecakes defrost quicker, and it’s the favorite method of those who are in a hurry and can’t wait for 8 to 12 hours.

Thawing cheesecake at room temperature takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, but it can take more hours if the thickness and size of the cake are taken into consideration.

You should use this method if there’s an event you are hosting or attending at dusk. In just 2 hours, your frozen cheesecake will have thawed and be ready to eat. So, you can bring out your frozen cheesecake to thaw a few hours before the function. If you need your cheesecakes in a hurry and want them to defrost faster than the above method, you can tweak the room temperature method to your benefit.

First, use a very sharp knife and cut your cheesecakes into any size if slices

Keep the cheesecake slices separate from each other and allow them to stay at room temperature.

When you do this, your cheesecakes will defrost very fast, from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Microwave Method

Microwave Method

Not a lot of people will recommend the use of the microwave to defrost cheesecakes. This is because it is very risky and might affect your cheesecakes.

Naturally, your microwave heats your food. Even when you are fortunate to have a microwave with a defrost function, it works by using low heat to heat the food.

When you are not careful while using the microwave to defrost your cheesecake, you might end up ruining everything. Although it helps to speed up the time used for defrosting cheesecakes, the accompanying risks are most times unbearable and frustrating.

You might end up with a soggy cheesecake or in worse cases, a runny one. If your cheesecakes had toppings before they were frozen, using the microwave method might ruin the toppings, either by melting them or eventually cooking them.

From this, you can tell that using the refrigerator and leaving your cheesecakes are the best methods for defrosting your cheesecakes. Although the microwave method is cast, it’s quite risky and I don’t recommend it.

Defrosting Slices of Cheesecakes

Defrosting Slices of Cheesecakes

Did you know that the act of thawing slices of your cheesecake is a lot easier than defrosting the entire cheesecake? A frozen slice of cheesecake can be left on top of your counter at room temperature and it will defrost in a matter of hours, and come out fresh.

The same applies when you use the refrigerator method I mentioned above.

If you want to consume your cheesecake in a hurry, you can use the microwave method. This method is faster, but remember, it is also very risky, but not for cheesecake slices.

When you use this method, you’ll get your creamy and delicious cheesecake set for consumption.

How to Quickly Thaw Your Cheesecake Slice?

By now you know that the quickest way to defrost your cheesecake is by microwaving it. Although it is not the safest way.

All you have to do is place your cheesecake or a slice of your cheesecake in the microwave. Then allow it to defrost for about 30 seconds. Most times, even after 30 seconds, it won’t achieve the texture you need.

There is no harm in reheating again, although this time you need to be careful.

Defrosting Cheesecakes from Cheesecake Factories

When cheesecakes are dispatched from their factories, they are most times frozen, always at temperatures lower than or exactly at 0° Fahrenheit.

When you get these cheesecakes, you don’t begin eating them immediately. Of course, you’ll have to thaw it, but how?

There are no special methods of thawing the frozen cheesecakes that come directly from their factory. But the time to defrost these cakes varies depending on the method you choose.

If you plan to use the refrigerator method, then be ready to leave it overnight or for up to 12 hours. To make sure you get the most out of the defrosting process, your refrigerator temperature should be set at either 36° Fahrenheit or up to 41° Fahrenheit.

When your cheesecake is completely thawed and ready for consumption, I recommend that you consume the defrosted factory cheesecake in a space of 3 days, although its quality can last till the fifth day.

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