How to Hang Bundt Pans on Wall (7 Effective Ways)

Bundt pans can be hung on a wall, either as a means of quirky decoration or as a way to store bundt pans if you don’t have enough storage space in your kitchen cabinets. There are a number of ways to install bundt pans on the wall, including using display racks, nails and screws, command strips, and ribbons with hooks.

The most suitable option for you will depend on your level of DIY skill, along with how frequently you need to be able to remove your bundt pan from the wall to bake with it. Here we investigate the best ways to hang bundt pans on the wall.

Bundt Pans for Decoration

Hanging bundt pans on the wall is an unusual way to add interest to a room and show off an impressive collection of kitchenware. Since bundt pans come in a range of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, this type of display can add a fun and quirky style to a space.

You can display bundt pans on the wall by lining them up in a row or creating a whole wall of unconventional round pans by hanging them in a random pattern.

Ways to Fix Bundt Pans to a Wall

Ways to Fix Bundt Pans to a Wall

When choosing which method you use for hanging your bundt pans on the wall, consider whether you will want to be able to access the pans for use in baking, as this will determine which methods are suitable.

Elongated screw

If you want to have easy access to your bundt pans while also being able to hang them on your walls, then a simple long screw protruding from the wall will do the trick. You can hang your bundt pan on the screw by utilizing the hollowed-out center of the pan, and inserting this right over the screw.

This will be enough to hold the bundt pan in place and keep it out of the way, and you can easily grab it down when you want to use it. When using this method, be sure to fix the screws into the walls in a location where they won’t be considered dangerous if the bundt pans are not hanging.

The best place will be above an area of the countertop. This will prevent anyone from accidentally walking into the protruding screw and getting injured on it.

Elongated nail

A long nail will work in the same way as a long screw when it comes to hanging a bundt pan from the wall. Since bundt pans are not heavy, a nail will hold its weight easily. Using a nail will cause less damage to the wall compared to using a screw, and it will also be easier to install than a screw.

You can insert a nail into the wall using a hammer, whereas to fix a nail into the wall you may need a drill and some wall plugs, depending on what material your walls are made from. Similarly to using a screw protruding from the wall to hang a bundt pan, when you use a long nail sticking out of the wall you’ll want to make sure it is located away from anywhere where it could cause damage.

If the nail is installed on a wall that people walk alongside, there will be a chance that they could catch their clothing on the nail, or scratch their skin. To avoid this, position the nail above the head level where nobody will accidentally walk into it, or over a countertop where nobody can get too close to the nail.

Command strip and rod

If you would prefer to hang your bundt pans on the walls without getting involved with using tools, then command strips are a great alternative option. These are sticky strips that adhere to the wall, and you can then adhere your decorative items onto the strip which will hold them in place.

These types of strips are easy to use and are designed to prevent damage to the walls. When you want to take the strips down, there is a tab you can pull which removes the strips cleanly. To hang a bundt pan using a command strip you could press the bundt pan directly onto the strip, which will hold it tightly in place, however this only works if you are hanging the pans purely for decoration.

If you want to be able to use the pans every now and again, then you can instead install rods or hooks onto the wall using the command strips. Once the hook is secure, you can then hang the bundt pan from it, and lift it off whenever you want to use it for baking.

Hook and ribbon

Bundt pans have holes in the middle like tube pans, and this creates an ideal opportunity to create a hanging device with ribbon or string. Use a ribbon that coordinates with your interior decor color scheme, or opt for string if you prefer a rustic style.

Insert the ribbon through the hole in the bundt pan and then tie it in a loop so that it can be hung from the ribbon. You can now hang this over a hook installed on the wall, and remove it with ease any time you want to bake with the pan.

Display rack

Wall-mounted display racks for plates were popular in the 1980s and 1990s, but they have since fallen out of fashion. If you can get your hold on a display rack designed for plates, you can use it to hang your bundt pans on the wall.

Wreath hook

A wreath hook, which is traditionally used to hang a wreath on a front door, can double up as a means of hanging a bundt pan on a wall. A wreath hook will typically have a long, flat portion that will lay flat against the wall, and then a hook that points outwards into the room.

Since a bundt pan is shaped much like a wreath, you can hang the bundt pan on a wreath hook just the same way that you would hang a wreath. This involves setting the middle of the pan over the top of the part of the hook that extends outwards.

Display shelf

Display shelves are ideal for storing pans and plates on the wall. You can buy display shelves specifically designed for this purpose, or you can use book display shelves and repurpose them for use in the kitchen.

The best types of display shelves for bundt pans are those which have a rail or bar across the front to prevent them from falling off the shelf. Bundt pans will be easy to access on a display shelf so that you can pull them down whenever you want to use them. They will also look neat and tidy when not in use.

Repurpose toilet roll holders

Toilet roll holders are, of course, designed to hold toilet rolls. You can get various designs of toilet roll holders, but the type which will work as a bundt pan holder is the type that has a rod protruding out from the wall.

The rod which ordinarily suspends a toilet roll from the wall can be used to hold the bundt pan, by hanging the bundt pan over the rod by its hollowed-out middle.

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