How to Store Ramekins (4 Easy Recommendations)

Ramekins are versatile pieces of kitchen equipment that can be used in so many ways. Many people would consider them to be an essential dinnerware item, yet they can also cause a lot of frustration due to how tricky they can be to store.

There are various ways you can store ramekins to tidy up your kitchen cabinets such as using plastic tupperware, wooden boxes, spice racks, and shelving. Keep reading to learn further details.

Ways to Store Ramekins

Plastic Tupperware

Plastic tupperware is great for storing ramekins because they have lids and are stackable. This is a particularly neat way for storing ramekins which are not able to be stacked, because you can lay them alongside each other in plastic tupperware, and then stack the tupperware with other tupperware.

This can free up a huge amount of space in your kitchen cabinet, and prevent those annoying instances of ramekins tumbling over inside a cabinet. Keeping ramekins in tupperware will keep the ramekins safe and free from damage, and you can easily access them by using clear tupperware which allows you to know at a glance what is contained inside.

Storing ramekins in plastic tupperware also has the benefit of keeping dust away from the ramekins. If you don’t use ramekins very often then it’s common to pick up a ramekin and find that it is lined with dust. By storing ramekins in plastic tupperware with lids, a build up of dust won’t be an issue.

Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly storage option for your ramekins, then small wooden storage boxes will work well. You can reuse an old wooden wine box, or choose a wooden box specifically that will work with your style. Unlike plastic tupperware, wooden boxes are not transparent.

This means if you want to easily identify which box houses your ramekins when you open the cabinet, then you should label your box. Keeping ramekins in a wooden box will keep them safe and prevent any accidental tumbles. If you want to keep dust away from the ramekins, you can cover over the wooden box with plastic wrap, though this isn’t the most environmentally-friendly choice.

Spice racks

Spice racks are essentially miniature shelving units. If you want a dedicated space to store and display your ramekins, then most spice racks will be a perfect size. You can put some ramekins on the same spice rack as your spices if there is space available, or you could get a whole spice rack specifically for housing a ramekin collection.

The ramekins typically won’t fit in the spice rack by laying flat and instead should be inserted into the rack with their bottoms facing the wall. This actually makes the ramekins look more decorative while they are being stored.



If your ramekins can be stacked inside each other, then they can be stored on a shelf. You should store ramekins with 4 or 5 in each stack, as this strikes a good balance between utilizing vertical space and avoiding a leaning tower of ramekins.

If you don’t use your ramekins often then storing them on a shelf inside a cabinet is the best way to keep them free from dust while not in use. However, if you want easy access to your ramekins, or you want to keep them on display, then a wall shelf can also be a good storage solution.

Can You Stack Ramekins?

Some ramekins are stackable and some are not. This will depend on the type of ramekin and how it is shaped. If you want your ramekins to be stackable then you need to choose some which have a slightly tapered shape. This will allow one ramekin to sit on top of the other.

Some ramekins, for example, those which are designed for making soufflé, should have perfectly vertical walls. This will prevent the ramekins from being stacked inside each other, which can make them more difficult to store.

Some ramekins are better suited to stacking than others, and if your ramekins don’t feel stable when stacked, then it is best to avoid doing so. These items can tumble very easily, so if you do stack them then be sure to store them where they won’t get accidentally knocked over.

How to Stop Ramekins from Getting Dusty

Dusty ramekins are a common problem because they are typically items that do not get used every day. While being stored, dust can build up on the ramekins, so when the time comes to use the ramekins you have to waste time by washing them. Storing ramekins in a specific way to prevent dust build-up can save you a lot of hassle every time you want to use them.

The best place to store ramekins to keep them free from dust is in a sealed box. This could be plastic tupperware, a glass container with an airtight lid, or a basket covered over in plastic wrap. Storing the ramekins in this way offers additional benefits, such as saving space. However, if you’d prefer to keep your ramekins within easy reach, then you could instead wrap each individual ramekin in plastic wrap before storing it in a cabinet or drawer.

This will keep the ramekins in pristine condition, with dust unable to settle on them. The worst place to store ramekins for dust prevention is on a kitchen shelf. Cooking grease in the air can settle on the ramekins, and dust will be attracted to this. The result can be some very sticky and unpleasant ramekins, which take some serious scrubbing when it’s time to use them.

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