5 Best Containers for Sous Vide

When choosing the container for sous vide, you need to be careful of size, material, and design. It should have a secure lid, and the lid should have a hole to allow the temperature controller to pass through it.

You can use any container, but it is convenient to use special sous vide containers. They are not only easy to use but offer perfect results each time.

One of the advantages of sous vide is that you don’t necessarily need expensive devices. It’s a pure science-based method, and if you have a few things like a temperature controller and sealed bag, you can do it in anything.

The main part is to keep the water heated at a consistent temperature. You can do sous vide in anything to keep the water circulating at the right temperature. A container can also be used for sous vide.

This article will discuss what type of container you can use for sous vide and how to choose the container. We will also recommend some of the best containers in the market that you can use for sous vide.

What Type of Container Do I Need for Sous Vide?

Different types of containers can be used for sous vide. We have some containers specifically designed for sous vide and are very convenient to use at a reasonable price.

You can use these types of containers for sous vide:


We all have big pots in the house. You can use big pots to boil pasta or make rice for everyday use. Some of the sous vide heat controllers stick to the bottom of the pan. These pots are easy to use, and you probably already have them in your kitchen.

The good thing about these pots is that they are wide enough to fit even more than one packet for sous vide. Also, they have a lid and preserve heat inside the pot well.

A problem with metal pots is that heat is insulated and is lost. Your sous vide device has to work hard to keep the water at a consistent temperature. Pots at home only work if you have big enough to fit the larger cuts.

Polycarbonated Containers

These are made for sous vide and are easily available in the market. These are available in larger sizes, and you can choose the size you need or prefer.

These are also clear, so you can easily see the food from outside. The material of the container retains heat well, and the sous vide device does not have to work too hard to maintain the temperature.

Water Coolers

You can also use a water cooler if you already have one. It is spacious enough to fit anything, and You don’t have to worry about losing heat as these are insulated. But water coolers may have a plastic interior, and their sides are too thick and do not clamp the thermometer well.

Things to Consider While Selecting a Container for Sous Vide

Here are a few things you should consider while selecting the container for sous vide:


It should be spacious enough to fit not only packets but allow water to flow all around. With a large container, you can fit many packets simultaneously. Also, it helps you sous vide larger cuts conveniently.


That is something we can’t stress enough. If you buy a container, make sure you buy one with a lid. Buying a lid separately or adjusting a different lid may not fit properly and allow steam or heat to escape. Also, the lid should be designed to allow the sous vide circulator to pass through it. Yes, you can create a hole in any plastic lid, but it won’t be perfect and may allow heat to escape.


Ensure that the container you are buying comes with a stainless steel rack to fit the sealed packets. If it does not come with a rack, you will have to buy one separately.

Heat resistant

Make sure the container you select can withstand high heat. This is why we don’t recommend any cheap plastic material as it won’t resist the heat and may not behave well while cooking.

Best Sous Vide Containers

Here are some of the containers we recommend for Sous Vide

Top Pick

Anova Culinary ANTC01 Sous Vide Cooker Cooking container,

This one from Anova is specifically designed for sous vide. The container is large enough to accommodate 16L water and is available in a bigger size.

A silicon lid collar fits any sous vide circulator. The container has a special curved design that ensures better water circulation during sous vide. The unique design helps heat water fast and helps to maintain the temperature.

The Anova container comes with an integrated cooking rack for accommodating the sealed vacuum bags. The rack keeps the food packets perfectly positioned and submerged for vacuum cooking. There is a clip inside to secure several sealed packages simultaneously.

The container is designed to protect the countertop beneath from heat. It stays raised from the base with its raised base.

The best part of this Anova container is that it comes with a secure lid that prevents heat or steam escape while cooking. The rubber seal keeps the heat inside, and there is no chance of water loss with evaporation.


  • Designed for sous vide
  • Silicon collar in the lid to accommodate heat circulator
  • A secure lid keeps the heat inside
  • Made of food-grade polycarbonate material
  • Easy to use
  • Rack to accommodate several sealed packets


  • Expensive container
Anova Precision Cooker Container 12L

This one is another option from Anova. It’s a slightly smaller design and can accommodate 12L water easily. This one is also specifically designed for sous vide. It’s a cheaper option

The container is designed with Anova’s patented Hemiflow design. It has smooth edges that maintain good water circulation and is also convenient to wash afterward.

This one also comes with an integrated rack to keep the food in perfect position with water. This one feature the raised edges and a secure lid like our previous option. The Precision Cooker can be used with any sous vide circulator and does not allow any heat to escape.


  • Secure lid accommodate sous vide circulator
  • Keeps heat and steam inside
  • Size suits small sizes
  • Countertop safe design
  • Maintain precise temperature inside


  • Size suits only small families

Budget Pick

Sous Vide Container 4.75 Gal. (19 qt) and Floating Ball Cover Kit Bundle (Large)

This is another polycarbonate container for sous vide, and it can tolerate high temperatures. The size is suitable for accommodating many packets at the same time. It can fill 19 qt of water easily. It’s large enough to fit a whole chicken or large cuts conveniently.

The container comes with a secure insulating ball lid. The lid is made of BPA material and is heat resistant to 210 degrees F. The ball cover is designed to easily fit any sous vide cooking vessel and fit around any circulator. The lid is secure and does not pose any splashing hazard. It keeps steam and heat inside well.

The container does not come with any rack to adjust sealed food packets. You need to use a rack at home or buy a separate one.


  • Less expensive
  • Large and spacious inside
  • Easy to clean
  • The ball cover fits any heat circulator for sous vide
  • Plastic balls prevent any heat escape or evaporation
  • See-through design lets you see food cooking


  • It does not come with a rack

Polycarbonate Container for Sous Vide

Cambro 12-Quart Camwear Square Food Storage Container, Polycarbonate, Clear

This is a polycarbonate storage container that can be used for storage and sous vide. The container is available in many sizes, and you can choose 12, 16, 18, or even 22 qt size.

The polycarbonate design is crystal clear and lets you see what is happening inside the container. The material is also heat and odor resistant.

The container has wide molded handles so you can move it around easily. It’s convenient, easy to use, but sadly not designed only for sous vide. You can use it for sous vide, though with a lid. You have to buy the lid separately.


  • The affordable container offers versatile use
  • Heat resistant
  • Keep the heat inside if used with a lid
  • Available in many sizes


  • You have to buy the lid separately

Large Sous Vide Container with Lid

VÄESKE Large Sous Vide Container 26 Quarts with Lid

The last one on our list is another container specifically designed for sous vide. It’s available in large sizes; 26 qt water capacity allows you to sous vide multiple food packets and larger cuts conveniently.

The container features washable sleeves that insulate the heat and prevent it from escaping the container. That means water is heated fast and maintains the temperature inside, needing less work from your heat circulator.

The container features an adjustable rack for accommodating sealed food packets. The steel rack is designed to allow water circulation around the food, which is essential for sous vide. Food cooks evenly from all sides.

The best part of buying these containers specifically designed for sous vide is that they come with a sealed lid and are designed to fit sous vide devices. The tailored lid prevents evaporation and serves all types of devices like Joule or Anova.


  • Specifically designed for sous vide so more convenient to use
  • Sturdy build and heat insulated
  • A secure lid prevents evaporation
  • RAck to fit food packets inside
  • Large enough to fit many packages and larger cuts


  • Bit expensive

Final Words

Choosing the right container is essential for the best sous vide results. The container you choose should create the perfect sous vide environment for food. It should be spacious and, ideally, come with a secure lid.

You can buy any plastic container or water cooler, but you need to cut the hole for the sous vide device, and that is a lot of work, and you may not get a perfect result even after that.

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