Standard Bundt Pan Sizes and Guidelines (with Designs)

Bundt pans are a piece of baking equipment that you will need if you want to make a Bundt cake. They come in a range of sizes, and you will need to buy the correct size for your needs because Bundt cakes do not come out well if they are not filled to the top with batter.

Therefore, you need to be aware of how many cups of batter you will need and how many guests you intend to feed before getting started with your Bundt pan. Here we will look at the various types of Bundt pan sizes that are available and their respective serving sizes.

What is a Bundt Pan?

A Bundt pan is a type of bakeware that is used specifically for making a Bundt cake. A Bundt cake is a type of German cake that is presented in a donut shape. This is achieved by using a round cake pan that has a central tube, therefore, creating a hole in the middle of the cake.

Bundt cakes are known for their shape rather than their recipe, and in fact, you can use any recipe you like to make a Bundt cake. The hollowed-out middle and round shape is what makes it a Bundt cake rather than the actual cake itself.

Bundt pans come in various sizes, and though they are all typically round, you can find some decorative Bundt cake pans that are made in unusual shapes, such as a castle shape or hexagonal shape. Bundt pans can be smooth and flat to result in a simple-looking Bundt cake, or they can have grooves and ridges for more ornamental-looking Bundt cakes.

Bundt Pan Diameter Sizes

Bundt Pan Diameter Sizes

Bundt pans can come in a wide range of sizes, and the more unusually shaped Bundt pans will hold non-standard amounts of batter. Here we will look at the more common diameter sizes of Bundt pans available, how much batter they will hold, and how many people they will feed.

This is important information to note down before making a Bundt cake because your pan will need to have a specific amount of batter in it that will rise to the edges of the pan. Too little batter will result in a misshapen cake, while too much batter will cause your cake to spill over the edges when it rises.


This is a small size of Bundt pan that is ideal for individual servings. These can look very impressive for serving at parties, and they also mean you can empty them right out of the pan onto a serving plate with no cake-cutting required.

These small pans can come individually, or you can find trays with four or six Bundt pan molds in them that make it easier to make multiple mini Bundt cakes at once. This size of Bundt pan will hold between half a cup and one cup of batter.


This is a good size of a Bundt pan for baking at home. It will hold around 6 cups of batter and can serve up to 14 portions. This makes it a suitable option for cooking for guests or for making a Bundt cake for family that people can come back to for extra servings.


Ten inches is the standard size of a Bundt pan. This will hold around 12 cups of batter and can serve up to 25 portions. This is an ideal size to bake for birthdays where you will want to serve a large number of people. It can also work well as a dessert for large family gatherings.

Bundt Pan Depth Sizes

Bundt Pan Depth Sizes

Small Bundt pans for individual Bundt cakes can be as shallow as 2.5 inches in depth, but larger Bundt pans that serve multiple people will have a depth of between 3 inches and 3.5 inches.

Pay attention to the depth measurement of your Bundt pan because this will increase the amount of batter you will need, and it will also serve more people.

Do You Need a Bundt Pan?

Do You Need a Bundt Pan?

If you want to bake a fresh Bundt cake, then the simple answer is ‘yes’! You cannot make a Bundt cake without a Bundt pan because the defining factor of a Bundt cake is the presentation of a cake with a hole in the middle.

If you really don’t want to buy a Bundt pan, then you could attempt to make a regular circular cake and then cut a hole in the center of it, but you won’t get the sleek and professional finish you can achieve with a proper Bundt pan. If this is a route, you take you will need to be sure to ice the cake to hide the area where you have made cuttings to make it a nicer cake to look at.

If you make Bundt cakes regularly, then it makes sense to invest in a Bundt pan. These pans are not expensive, and they are made from non-stick metal that is durable and should last you for many years; however, if you don’t bake Bundt cakes often, then a Bundt pan may not be of much use to you, because sadly, these pans are not very versatile and their only use is for making Bundt cakes.

That being said, the recipe for a Bundt cake is not strict, and you can make your Bundt cake with absolutely any type of batter. Therefore, you could use your Bundt pan to make carrot Bundt cake, lemon Bundt cake, chocolate Bundt cake, vanilla sponge Bundt cake, and the list goes on.

So if you like the shape that the Bundt pan makes cakes in, then it is a good investment because you could use it as your go-to cake pan to make cakes of all different flavors and recipes. Bundt cakes can be iced, or you can leave them simply as a sponge. You could even make banana bread in a Bundt pan or other types of loaf cakes.

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