How to Set the Clock on GE Stove

Like microwaves, your GE stove may lose track of time, almost literally. There will come a time when you will have to adjust its clock, especially if your home experienced a power outage in the recent past. So, how do you go about setting the clock on GE stoves?

There are multiple ways to adjust the clock setting on a GE stove. You can do so by pressing and holding the 9 and 0 buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds until you hear a beeping noise, or you can enter the time adjustment setting by pressing the set clock button on the control pad.

In this guide, I’ll describe the various methods of how to set the clock on a GE stove, the causes of why the clock might have been screwed up in the first place, and how to resolve other clock-related issues on a GE stove.

Setting the Clock on GE Stove (5 Recommended Methods)

When you receive your GE stove, one of the first things you should do after installing it is to set the time. Although your kitchen might have a clock, it’s a lot easier to gauge how long the stove or oven has been active by looking at its built-in digital clock.

However, there might come a time when you need to adjust the clock settings (who hates daylight saving?). Luckily, you can find out how to adjust the clock by looking at your oven’s instruction manual. However, if you lost it, or if you can’t be bothered to leaf through the booklet, this guide should be of some assistance.

So, if you find the clock on your electric GE stove out of whack, you can try the following methods to get it right.

Press settings and clock

If your GE stove comes with an LCD touchscreen control board, then you will have to tap the screen to take it out of standby mode. Next, press the settings button before hitting the clock button. This will bring up the directions on how to change the time on the built-in clock. When you’re done, hit the start button or allow 30 to 60 seconds to pass to let the stove set new time automatically.

Press the clock or set clock button

Some GE stove models do not require pressing a settings button to adjust the time. All you have to do is hit the clock button (or the set clock button if it has one). In some GE stoves, you will have to press the button at least 2 times to bring up the time adjustment setting. When the time adjustment display shows up, either press the number buttons to set the time or hit the + and – buttons. After that, hit the start button, and the clock should be set.

Press and hold the 9 and 0 buttons

Although GE stoves are usually quite straightforward in their operation, there are some things that require trial and error to figure out. One such thing is setting the timer of select GE models that do not have a separate set clock button on the control pad.

If the set clock instruction tells you to press something for 2 seconds, you will need to press and hold the 9 and 0 buttons. After hearing a beeping noise, the clock should begin blinking. Now, you can hit the number buttons on the control pad to manually set the timer. When you’re done, hit the start button, and you’re all set.

Accessing the mobile app

Some of the newer GE stove models will have Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to sync your smartphone to the stove. If you download the GE Profile Smart Appliances app on your mobile device, you can enter the clock settings and adjust the timer with a few taps on your gadget’s screen. Now, hit the OK or confirm button, and the stove’s clock should automatically be set.

Push and turn the center dial

There are some GE stoves that will come with a center dial that lets you adjust the timer. However, the dial can also be used to set the clock. Just push and turn the dial to adjust the minute setting of the clock. Keep turning the dial until you’ve set it to the correct hour and minute before releasing it.

Why GE Stove Clocks Get Messed Up

Why GE Stove Clocks Get Messed Up

Now that you know how to adjust the clock on your GE stove, you should be less frustrated whenever the clock automatically returns to 12:00 and blinks endlessly. But even then, it can be incredibly annoying to find the clock on its default setting, especially after you just set it up.

So, why does this happen?

Power outage

Electric stoves require electricity. If your home experiences a power failure, your stove will not receive any fuel, and it will cease all operations, including keeping track of time.

Blown fuse

Older GE stove models relied on a fuse to keep their clock running. When the fuse blows, the clock will shut down, and you will have to manually set it back up (after replacing the fuse, of course.

Electricity surge

Modern GE stoves do not come with a dedicated fuse for the clock. This means that the clock function has less protection against power failure or excess electricity. In extreme cases, the clock will jump back to the default 12:00 time when you turn on the igniter or oven. In such a case, you will have to inspect the PIC microcontroller on the control board.

Loose wiring

Although GE stoves are incredibly durable, there’s no way to tell for certain how its internal components are faring against time and excessive use. If your GE stove’s clock resets itself time and time again, you will have to check the control board for frayed or loose wires.

Other Clock-Related Problems in GE Stoves

If you thought a messed-up clock was the most of your worries, think again. There are a handful of other problems associated with the clock, which I will describe below.

Slow clock

It might sound impossible, but the clock on your GE stove might be running slower than you think. That is probably the reason that the clock always seems to be out of sync with reality. If this describes the problem you are currently experiencing, there’s a simple trick you can try out.

Unplug the stove or switch off the breaker to the stove. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes before restoring power to the stove. This hard reboot should restore the stove, as well as the clock, to its factory settings. Now, simply follow one of the methods mentioned above to bring back the correct time.

Locked out

Modern GE ovens will come with an automatic locking feature to prevent users from tampering with the settings. This feature will usually trigger when the oven is currently undergoing a self-cleaning cycle, in which case, it would be wise to leave the stove to its own devices for the next 1 to 2 hours at the very least. However, if you are locked out of the control pad, even when the oven isn’t cleaning itself, then you need to disengage the lock. Just press the range lockout button before hitting the start button.

No clock on display

A shut-off LCD screen might sound like a huge problem. After all, it’s where you input all of your baking commands. However, before taking the stove to the repair shop, try hitting the clock button three times. When the display turns on, hit the start button to keep the display on.

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