How to Hide a Chest Freezer – A Ultimate Guide

A chest freezer is a great piece of equipment for storing hefty amounts of food, but these appliances can look like an eyesore in a home. If you want to benefit from the practical uses a chest freezer offers, but are unhappy with the way it impacts your home decor, then there are things you can do to hide a chest freezer.

The best way to ensure a chest freezer doesn’t ruin the look of your home is to simply keep it out of sight. If you are fortunate enough to have storage space where you could keep your freezer away from the main living areas of the home, then this will be ideal.

Many people opt to keep a chest freezer in their garage or in a pantry, and this is a perfect way to hide a chest freezer. If you don’t have the space available, then you can hide a chest freezer that is positioned in the kitchen, living room, or dining room, using decorative tricks such as placing a fabric skirt over the freezer or painting it to blend in with your walls.

Best Placement to Hide a Chest Freezer

Best Placement to Hide a Chest Freezer

Ensuring that a chest freezer doesn’t interfere with the look and style of your home can be achieved with some clever placement. By positioning your chest freezer in a certain way or in a particular room, you can divert attention away from the freezer or hide it completely.


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a pantry in their home, but if you are one of those fortunate people, then you can utilize this space by keeping a chest freezer in it. A pantry is an ideal place to hide your chest freezer from view, yet have it close by for when you need to get things out of it.

Under stairs

Many homes with multiple levels will have an understairs storage area on the ground floor. If you need to store your chest freezer inside the main areas of your home, this is a great option. The understairs area is set back slightly from the rest of the living area, so a chest freezer positioned here will be much less obvious than if it were out in the open.

The low height of a chest freezer also means it works well in an under-stairs position because these parts of homes typically have low head height. If you want to completely hide the chest freezer from view, you could go one step further and hang a curtain from the bottom of the stairs wall so that the freezer cannot be seen at all.

Garage or basement

If you have power in your garage or basement, then these are ideal places to store a chest freezer. Many people have a chest freezer in addition to the main freezer and refrigerator in their kitchen. For example, you might have a smaller, more conveniently shaped freezer under your kitchen counter, where you store items that you will need to access regularly, such as frozen vegetables or pizzas.

Meanwhile, a secondary chest freezer could be kept in the garage for lesser used items, such as ice cream or large joints of meat you are saving for a special occasion. If you already have the main freezer and your chest freezer is operating as a secondary freezer, then it makes sense to keep it outside of the main living areas of the home. This is because you won’t need to access it as often as the main freezer, so it won’t matter if it takes a few minutes to get to it, and it also ensures that it doesn’t take up space in your home.

Against a side wall

If you need to store your chest freezer in the main area of your home, for example, in the dining room, then placing it against a sidewall is going to be the least intrusive way of doing this. Consider the layout of the rest of your furniture and make sure the chest freezer doesn’t encroach on this.

For example, you need to ensure that people can still get to the dining table without having to squeeze past the freezer. Setting the freezer against a side wall, rather than against the back wall or in the middle of the space, will help to divert the eyeline away from the freezer so that it is less noticeable.

In front of an outlet socket

If your chest freezer is in a room where it is in plain sight, you should always aim to position it right in front of an outlet socket. This means that you won’t have wires or cables reaching along walls or dragging along the floor. Messy cables which are on display will make a chest freezer look even more intrusive in a room.

Decorative Ways to Hide a Chest Freezer

If your chest freezer is in one of the main rooms in your home, there are decorative touches you can add to make it look less obvious.


A really easy and inexpensive way to hide a chest freezer is to paint it. Typically most chest freezers are white and depending on the color of your decor, this might stand out a lot. For example, if your walls are painted dark gray, then your white chest freezer will contrast against the gray and draw more attention to itself. However, if you were to paint the freezer in the same shade of gray as your walls, then it will camouflage itself.

By painting your freezer to match your decor, you help it blend into the space so it won’t look so obvious. Always use a primer and rust-resistant paint when painting the outside of a freezer. You could even get creative and paint the freezer in bright colors to accent your decor instead of trying to hide it. Chalkboard paint would work well on a chest freezer, allowing you to write reminders about what food you run out of.

Ruffled skirt

Some crafty chest freezer owners recommend sewing your own ruffled skirt to place on top of a chest freezer so that it looks like a table. You will need to measure out the dimensions of your chest freezer and essentially create a decorative fabric cover, which will completely hide the freezer and can be easily removed when you need to gain access to it.


Paneling is coming back into fashion in a big way, and you can take advantage of this by installing paneling around a chest freezer to disguise it. You could match the paneling to your kitchen cabinets so that the chest freezer area blends in, or in a dining room, create an entirely new paneled section as a feature. A chest freezer needs ventilation to avoid overheating, so be sure to allow a few inches of space between the freezer and paneling for this.

Room divider

If your chest freezer is in your dining room or bedroom, an easy way to hide it is by using a room divider. Set a freestanding room divider in front of the chest freezer, and you will no longer have to look at it.

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