How to Use Sous Vide to Defrost Food

Sous vide can be used to defrost food. With all other methods of instant thawing, you have the risk of bacterial contamination. With sous vide, any food can be safely defrosted as it is done fast. Food is heated in a vacuum, so no water or direct heat touches the food.

You don’t have to worry about changing the flavor or texture of food as well. You can defrost both cooked and raw food with sous vide. 

If you are a sous vide fan and own a device, you can use it to defrost food. While the benefits of sous vide abound, it can be used to thaw food within a short time safely.

This article will discuss whether we can sous vide to defrost food. We will see how it is done, some of its benefits, and ultimately we will also discuss whether or not you can sous vide the frozen food. 

How Sous Vide Works?

Sous vide is a technique for cooking food in a vacuum. It’s a specialized technique that professionals use in restaurants to make perfectly cooked steaks, roasts, ribs, or any other type of protein.

The cooking method uses a water bath in a device. Food is packed and sealed in special plastic vide packets, and as the water is heated at a controlled temperature, the sealed package creates a vacuum inside, and food is cooked. 

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Can I use Sous Vide To Defrost Food?

If you are the one having lots of frozen items in your freezer, thawing them on short notice is a problem. Yes, you can shift the frozen package to the fridge section a day before and safely thaw the frozen food, but it takes time and won’t work if you need to thaw food instantly.

Is It Safe to Defrost With Sous Vide?

You can defrost food in different ways, like leaving it in cold water or a microwave, but there is a risk of contamination with all these methods. As the food gets warmer, bacteria can rapidly thrive, and your food can be contaminated quickly. 

The good thing about a sous vide defrosting method is that it is entirely safe. Infact sous vide is one of the safest ways to defrost food. 

As the water remains at a consistent temperature and food has to spend less time in the water bath, the risk of contamination is minimum. Infact food does not touch water, so there is no risk of transferring bacteria from warm water as well. 

How is Sous Vide Ideal for Defrosting Food?

How is Sous Vide Ideal for Defrosting Food

First, as food is not submerged in water, it does not lose flavor or nutrients. When you leave food out to defrost, its exterior draws moisture and thaws quickly while the interior remains frozen most of the time. 

As the ice particles in frozen food melt and move, they damage the food on its cellular level. That is why frozen fruit or meat does not have the same texture as fresh. 

If you are thawing in the microwave, you can cook the food to some extent, at least its exterior, and the food texture and taste do not remain the same.

With sous vide, defrosting takes less time, and flavor and nutrient loss are at their minimum. 

Another benefit of defrosting with sous vide is that it is accurate as water is heated to a controlled temperature, so there is no risk of overcooking.

How to defrost In Sous Vide?

Let’s see how to defrost in sous vide:

  • Remove the package from the freezer
  • Take out the packaging and put the food in a sealed packet for sous vide.
  • Fill the sous-vide pot with lukewarm water.
  • You can use high heat to defrost instantly, and there is less chance of bacterial growth.
  • Set your sous to vide temperature to 40 degrees F. You can leave it in the device for 30 minutes.
  • Once time is up, remove the sealed packet from the water and transfer the defrosted food to the plate. 

How Long Does It Take to Defrost in Sous Vide?

It depends on what you are defrosting. Usually, it takes thirty minutes to defrost in sous vide, but the time can be reduced depending on what you defrost. If you defrost some cooked items or some fruits or vegetables, it may not take more than ten to fifteen minutes to thaw the food completely.

You can check through the ziplock bag to see if the ice crystal has melted. If not, you can leave it inside for a few more minutes.

Can I Cook Frozen Food in Sous Vide?

Yes, If you already have a marinated steak, rib, or roast in the freezer, there is no need to thaw them in advance. You can cook them in sous vide without defrosting in advance.

Frozen food is just like fresh. The only difference is that you need to add some extra time for thawing the food. It will defrost first, and then the cooking process starts. It can change the cooking timing of your food. A rule of thumb is to add 50% of the original time.

Another way to ensure you get the exact result is by defrosting the food in sous vide in advance and cooking at your required temperature. This way, you can make sure food is not overcooked, and you can cook on for the precise time. 

What Can You Defrost in Sous Vide?

As we said, defrosting becomes easy and less time-consuming if we do it in sous vide. But what exactly can you defrost in sous vide.

The good news is that you can defrost anything in sous vide. It’s a quick and straightforward process that does not involve water or heat touching the food. The sealed pack floats in heating water, making it easy to defrost anything. You can defrost:

  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Steaks
  • Ribs
  • Tough cuts
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Ground turkey
  • Patties
  • Ready to cook food

Final Words

If you have a sous vide device, you can use it for versatile purposes. Besides cooking different proteins to perfection, you can use them for last-minute cooking. Cooking grounded beef, steak, or fish takes a little time, but all you have to do is defrost the food first.

Cooking frozen food on the stove or in the oven does not give perfect results. You can defrost in less time without worrying about the bacterial infection in sous vide. You can keep the defrosted food in the fridge for 48 hours once it is thawed in sous vide.

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