8 Things to Make in A Bundt Pan

Bundt pans have an unusual shape compared to most other pans. They generally take a donut-like shape, with a hollow tube in the middle which results in a central hole running through the cake.

Bundt pans will ordinarily be quite ornamental, so that the resulting cake will look decorative even without any additional decoration. This could be as simple as ridges, or waves running along the walls of the pan, or it can be very elaborate. Some more intricately detailed bundt pans include pans shaped like castles, like a forest of pine trees, and like a Christmas wreath.

If you have a bundt pan you can, of course, make a variety of different cakes with it. But if you’re looking for some alternative ways to put your bundt pan to use, there are a number of things you can make in it which are not cake based.

Here we look at how you can use a bundt pan to make some other dishes look more interesting, and level up your serving game.

Layered Jello

Layered Jello

Bundt pans are great for using as jello molds, because the jello sets in the shape of the pan to give it a really fun and quirky look. Layered jello looks particularly appealing, and it’s really easy to achieve. First you should choose your complimentary flavors and colors of jello, and establish which order you want your layers to be in.

Since the bundt pan will be turned on its head once the jello is set, remember that the color you want to be at the top of the final jello dish should be poured into the mold first. First, spray the bundt pan with non-stick oil to ensure the jello will come out easily when it’s finished.

Pour in your first color and allow it to set firmly before pouring on your next layer, and continue until your bundt pan is full. Once all of the jello is set, carefully flip the pan over on a plate and give it a gentle tap to encourage the jello to come out. If you want to get creative you can add edible items to the jello before it sets, as these will be visible. Fruit such as raspberries and strawberries work well.

Banana Bread

Banana bread isn’t technically bread; it has more in common with a cake, in terms of both texture and the level of sweetness. Banana breads are commonly made in loaf pans, which are designed for bread, and this is why they are referred to as bread.

You may also hear of banana bread being called a banana loaf. Instead of using a loaf pan, a bundt pan can give your banana bread a more decorative look. To make banana bread in a bundt pan, first take care to suitably grease your pan to avoid sticking. Now pour in your banana bread batter, and bake it in the oven as usual.

Allow the banana bread to cool on a wire rack, and once cool you can turn the pan over so that the banana bread slides out. Using a bundt pan will give the banana bread a more unusual look, but it also increases the surface area of the banana bread.

If you are someone who loves the sweet, crisp crust on a banana bread then this idea is ideal for you, because it will result in more outer crust compared to the ratio of the moist, inner cake.



Meatloaf is traditionally made in a loaf pan, as you may have expected from the name. When formed in a loaf pan, meatloaf is served in slices, much like bread. However, if you want to impress with your meatloaf you can mix it up by making it in a bundt pan. Meatloaf recipes work really well in bundt pans because they are dense and firm when cooked.

This allows the meatloaf to hold the detailed shape of the bundt pan, for a great finish. Prepare your meatloaf as you usually would, then press it firmly into a greased bundt pan. Cook the meatloaf in the oven, and then serve it by turning the bundt pan over and tapping it gently so that the meatloaf slides out. Meatloaf should come out of the pan with ease, due to the fats in the meatloaf recipe.


Stuffing is a tricky dish to make look appealing, and often people will opt for making stuffing balls or a tray of stuffing. If you want to get a little more creative with your stuffing, you can use your bundt pan. Press your raw stuffing mix into the pan, leaning into the pan to remove air pockets.

The stuffing can be cooked in the pan, and then tipped out onto a dish to serve. The donut-shaped bundt pan will create a ring of stuffing, with a hollow center. You could make use of this space by using it to hold cranberry sauce, or apple sauce.



Lasagna is a hearty meal which is a firm favorite in many families. It can also work well as a great dinner party dish, and using a bundt pan to shape it will turn it from a rustic everyday meal to the centerpiece of your table setting. To use a bundt pan for making lasagna, you should first spray the inside of the pan with a generous layer of oil, such as olive oil or canola oil.

Next, add your lasagna layers to the pan as you usually would, following the ring pattern of the pan. Cook the lasagna in the oven, and once baked you can tip it out onto a serving dish, ready to deliver to your guests. Using a bundt pan for lasagna also makes it a practical shape for serving. Cut the lasagna up into slices the same way you would a cake, and use a spatula or pie server to pick up the portion and plate it up.

Ice Ring

If you’re throwing a party where some fruit punch is going to be served, then an ice ring will be a really fun touch that also helps to keep the drinks cold. To ensure your ice ring is going to fit into your punch bowl, you’ll need to check that your bundt pan slots into your punch bowl easily.

Next, simply fill up your bundt pan with water and put it in the freezer until it’s frozen solid. You could make the ice more decorative by making it a different color, for example by adding orange juice to it, or with the use of food coloring. Another good way to make the ice ring more visually appealing is to put fruit in it, which will be visible through the set ice, and once the ice melts it can help to flavor and garnish the punch.

To remove your frozen ice ring from the bundt pan, turn it over and give it a little bash. If it doesn’t come out easily, you can encourage it by running hot water over the pan. Once your ice ring is complete, put it right into your punch.

Sandwich Bread

Sandwich Bread

If you’re serving a casual lunch to a group of friends, get creative by making your sandwich bread in a bundt pan. You can use any bread recipe to bake in a bundt pan, though bear in mind it may require less cooking time because the surface area is increased compared with using a loaf pan, and overcooking the bread will make it dry.

Once your bread is fully cooked, allow it to cool before turning it out of the bundt pan. Now you need to assemble your sandwich. Use a bread knife to cut the ring of bread in half across its length, as if it were a giant bagel.

You can now add any fillings you like, such as chicken salad, ham and cheese, or tuna mayo. Plate up the oversized sandwich on a platter, and cut it into segments that guests can help themselves to, before setting it down in the middle of your dining table.

Mashed Potato

Mashed potato is a fairly standard dish that you might have with family meals and roast dinners, as well as with traditional celebratory meals such as Thanksgiving. If you want to elevate your mashed potato to the next level, you can use a bundt pan to shape it, rather than simply serving it piled into a bowl.

To create an extravagant dish of mashed potato, first prepare your mashed potato so that it has a smooth consistency with no lumps. Now spray the inside of the bundt pan with oil to stop the potato sticking to the pan, and decant the mashed potato into the pan.

Be sure to press the potato firmly into the pan so that it reaches all of the intricate parts, and then flip the pan over onto a plate for serving. You’ll want to do this quite quickly so that the mashed potato is still warm when you serve it.

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