What Are the Waffle Maker Sizes?

Waffles, those delightful, syrup-catching breakfast treats, have been a favorite for many years. But as any waffle aficionado knows, not all waffles are created equal. The size of the waffle, from tiny bite-sized pieces to large, fluffy ones, can drastically change the breakfast experience.

Waffle makers typically come in three main sizes: single, double, and mini. The size affects not only the dimensions of the waffle but also its texture and taste. Depending on your breakfast needs, the size can make a real difference.

This guide will explore the world of waffles by covering the types of waffles, the different waffle maker sizes, and how to choose the right size for your kitchen.

Types of Waffles

Everyone loves a good waffle, right? But did you know there’s a whole world of waffles waiting for you? The types you probably think of when someone says “waffles” are:

1. Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffles

Known for its deep pockets, perfect for holding that sweet syrup or fresh fruit toppings. They’re thicker, often about an inch in height, and have a light, airy texture. If breakfast was a kingdom, these would wear the crown.

2. American Waffles

American Waffles

A classic choice for many breakfast tables. These guys are thinner than their Belgian buddies and have smaller grids. They offer a delightful crispy outside and tender inside. Stack them high and dig in!

3. Liege Waffles

Liege Waffles

A bit of a wild card, these are dense, chewy, and sweet on their own, thanks to pearl sugar bits caramelizing on the outside. Originating from Belgium’s city of Liege, they’re round with uneven edges. Perfect for those on-the-go sweet cravings.

Different Waffle Maker Sizes

Are you trying to come up with the crispiest, most golden-brown delicious waffle you can imagine? Well, size matters, and there’s a waffle maker out there to make your buttery dreams become a reality.

1. Single Waffle Makers

This is your standard, one-at-a-time waffle iron. Perfect for solo breakfasts or if you fancy making waffles at a leisurely pace.

  • Size: These usually produce waffles about 6-7 inches in diameter. They’re compact, fitting snugly in most kitchens.
  • Waffle Type Fit: Best for American and Belgian waffles. However, if you’re looking to make Liege waffles, ensure the iron gets hot enough to caramelize that pearl sugar.

2. Double Waffle Makers

For those mornings when one just won’t cut it, or if you’ve got a hungry crew to feed. Double the fun without doubling the wait.

  • Size: Essentially, it’s like having two single waffle makers joined at the hip. They’ll take up a bit more counter space, so have a designated spot in mind.
  • Waffle Type Fit: Again, these are ace for American and Belgian waffles. With double the space, you can even experiment by making one of each!

3. Mini Waffle Makers

Little bites of heaven, these mini makers produce waffles perfect for snacking or creative breakfast presentations.

  • Size: These churn out waffles around 4 inches in diameter. Plus, their smaller stature means they’re super space-savers.
  • Waffle Type Fit: These are not particular to any traditional waffle type. They’re more about portion size. Want a mini Belgian waffle? You got it. Craving a small American waffle with bite-sized grids? No problem.

4. Oversized Waffle Makers

For when regular-sized waffles feel, well, too regular. These are for the grand breakfast displays!

  • Size: Producing waffles over 8 inches in diameter, they’re the big kahunas of the waffle world. They demand space, so ensure you have ample counter real estate.
  • Waffle Type Fit: Typically designed for Belgian waffles due to the thicker batter, but hey, a mega American waffle could be your next big discovery!

5. Custom Shapes

From heart-shaped to cartoon characters, these are for days when you want to add a sprinkle of fun to breakfast.

  • Size and Fit: Varies greatly depending on the design. Some might be as big as a standard waffle, while others might aim for a collection of smaller, themed shapes.
  • Waffle Type Fit: It’s less about the type and more about the aesthetic. However, a consistent batter like the American waffle mix works best for detailed designs.

Why Does Waffle Maker Size Matter?

Why Does Waffle Maker Size Matter

When it comes to waffle makers, size can change the game. Here’s the low-down on why the size of your waffle iron isn’t just a random choice.

Texture and Taste

  • Small Waffle Makers: These can cook faster due to their size. Result? Crispier waffles ready in a flash. Perfect if you like a little crunch with your munch!
  • Large Waffle Makers: More space often means a fluffier inside, especially if you’re whipping up a Belgian treat. They may take a bit longer, but patience is a virtue, especially when it leads to soft, dreamy waffles.

Quantity and Serving Size

  • Single Serve: Great for individual servings or households where everyone wakes up at different times. Solo breakfast, anyone?
  • Double or More: Family breakfasts or hosting a brunch? Larger sizes mean more waffles at once. Less waiting, more eating!

Space and Storage

  • Compact Makers: These are the studio apartments of the waffle world. Neat, efficient, and perfect for smaller kitchens.
  • Big Irons: They need their space, both when in action and at rest. Got a spacious kitchen counter or ample storage? They’re ready to move in.


  • Small and Themed Makers: Want a heart-shaped waffle or maybe a few mini ones for a snack? Small or custom-shaped irons have your back.
  • Standard and Oversized Makers: These are your all-rounders, good for most waffle types. Whether you’re in a Belgian or American waffle mood, they’ve got you covered.


1. What’s the standard size of a Belgian waffle?

On average, a standard Belgian waffle measures about 7 inches in diameter. But wait, Belgian waffles are also chunkier, often about an inch thick.

To whip up those majestic beauties, look for a waffle maker that’s labeled specifically for Belgian waffles. These machines are built to handle the depth and size of the Belgian mix. A 7-8-inch diameter waffle maker should be spot-on.

2. Can I use the same batter for different waffle maker sizes?

Absolutely! The batter is like the soul of the waffle, and it doesn’t discriminate based on size. However, a quick heads-up! While the batter remains the same, the cooking time might differ. Smaller waffle irons tend to cook faster, so keep an eye (or a nose) out to avoid overcooking. On the other hand, larger irons might take a tad longer, asking for a smidge more patience on your end.

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